Taxonomedia Website

Industry: New Media Art. Preservation and archive of New Media Art

Scope: Information Architecture, UX/UI Design and WordPress development

Year: 2014

Client: Taxonomedia

cabecera taxonomedia
Taxonomedia was created in 2007 by Consuelo Rozo and Vanina Hofman. The project is focused on research, production and dissemination of activities related to preservation and archive of New Media Art.
Since 2010 Taxonomedia is fully coordinated by Vanina Hofman, who starts to delineate a new era for the project more open and collaborative. Having this in mind, the design challenge was, on one side, to consolidate this new era and, on the other side, to give more relevance to contents and improve legibility and usability.

Sitemap y flow


The concept

Taxonomedia had been online with a traditional blog format for some years, using long texts and few images, typical in academy. For this new era Taxonomedia was conceived as an open space that permitted not only the theoretical analysis but the exhibition of ACT (Art, Science and Technology) artwork. The metaphor was to imagine the website as a room inside a museum offering a new scope of information helping to understand the complexity of archiving and preserving New Media Art. Having the metaphor, information was organized in three blocks: resources, news and essays, but it was also proposed to have a space on the home page for artwork exhibition. Therefore, the website entrance is through this exhibition room where a different artist’s work is published periodically.