Mix It

Industry: Manufacturing. Granulated rubber surfaces

Scope: Web app design and development


Scope: Gezolan


T he swiss company Gezolan makes rubber granulated pavements for different surfaces such as track and fields or children playgrounds. The product can be prepared in different grain sizes and has a wide range of colors that can be combined creating different textures. The client needed a web app compatible with mobile devices where the user could experiment with different colors and visualize the results in fine and coarse grain and could see the result applied to an interior and an exterior environment.
This app was developed in Processing and exported to JavaScript using HTML5 canvas. The user starts with an interface where all available colors are visible and she can mix them sliding every color to the desired percentage getting the texture sample immediately. On the right side of the screen the mix composition is also obtained and when it reaches 100% the texture is applied to a photograph creating the simulation. When the user finishes the experimentation has the option to save the sample in a PDF format being able to evaluate different combinations and send the desired one to the company ordering material.