Naguisa Corporate Identity

Sector: Fashion. Shoes design

Scope: Coporate identity design

Year: 2013

Client: Naguisa

Naguisa is a young brand created by Claudia Polo, industrial designer, and Pablo Izquierdo, architect. Both address the design of footwear with a philosophy of great respect for craft traditions in manufacturing and the use of natural materials. To start with the corporate identity design, a strategic workshop was done which allowed a deep understanding of Naguisa’s corporate culture, marked by sensitivity and attention to detail and framed by the natural environment of an old farmhouse at the foot of the mountain of Collserola (Barcelona), where Naguisa’s studio is located.



logo naguisa horizontal
logo naguisa cuadrado


naguisa paleta de colores
naguisa versiones logotipo color


logo naguisa texturas
logo naguisa texturas2


tipografía corporativa naguisa
The challenge was to design a brand with a strong visual impact that worked as a container, a kind of window through which we could see the world of textures and colours of the materials used by Naguisa. This suggested starting with a neutral colour and creating both, an interchangeable colour palette, and the freedom to use their own textures and materials.

identidad corporativa naguisa

naguisa poster2
naguisa poster1