Barcelona Football Club website redesign

Sector: Sports

Scope: Website redesign and Flash programming (ActionScript 2)

Year: 2006

Client: Barcelona Football Club

cabecera FCB
This project was made in collaboration with Martin Adorati who had won the competition for the redesign of the FCB website. The design of all pages were needed starting with those that were presented for the competition. During the firsts meetings with the client we proposed to create some RIA (Rich Internet Applications) modules that would help to follow the football matches in real time and it would create a richer experience for the user.

FCB Home page

fiche partido 1

fiche partido 2

A module that allowed not only to read the scoreboard, but all the minute by minute information as well as technical details, changes, alignments, etc., was designed and developed. It was enhanced with photos and videos. Uploading information was a simple task for the journalists and the same data were used to feed a banner on the home page.


FCB - parotids
FCB - ticketing