Guía del Ocio Barcelona Website Redesign

Sector: Publishing. Culture and leisure magazine of the city of Barcelona

Scope: Website redesign

Year: 2008

Client: Guía del Ocio BCN

cabecera guia del ocio
Guía del Ocio of Barcelona is one of the oldest guides of the city and is particularly noted for its complete list of restaurants, bars and entertainment. At the moment of the website redesign it was a weekly magazine and the challenge was not only generate a web presence but to take account of exchange content between web and print media. As the brand Guía del Ocio existed in Madrid, even though they were not connected each other, and it was confused for many users, as a solution, a new logo was proposed including “bcn” at the end and the tagline “la guía de Barcelona” (Barcelonas’ guide).

Web estructura

referencias webs

While it wasn’t normal to find websites that give high importance to headers, (most placed their logo on the left and used a menu bar from side to side) and after seeing that they also chose to use a lot of text and just a low percentage of images, we proposed to change the trend with a very visual design. A wide header and an orthogonal structure allowed showing a large variety of contents in an orderly and better use of spaces for advertising so that they had a better integration with contents.


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